Paraguay: Full Coverage of Comm. In Indigenous Peoples Census

Paraguay: Full Coverage of Comm. In Indigenous Peoples Census

According to a report from the institute, the census included the Eastern Region, the Western Region, and the capital’s urban areas and the Central Region, covering more than 782 communities, villages, neighborhoods, and households.

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Census takers and supervisors from the 19 indigenous peoples of the country carried out the work. The head of the operation, Nélida Otazú, said that all the communities were reached, while in the case of indigenous dwellings 98 percent coverage was achieved. 

In this regard, Otazú said, «The remaining 2 percent could not be counted due to problems of community leadership, religious choice, or because they are located in conflict zones, as in the case of Amambay. In any case, we will continue working to try to reach this remaining percentage during the next few weeks.»

The official recognized the indigenous sectors’ role in managing the process, noting that they were essential to its success. Otazú said that 100 percent of the 1 391 census takers were from Paraguay’s indigenous peoples.

Este miércoles se cumplen dos semanas del inicio del IV Censo Nacional de Población y Vivienda para Pueblos Indígenas en la Región Oriental, Occidental y en zonas urbanas de capital y Central.

— INE Paraguay (@INE_Paraguay)
November 23, 2022

This Wednesday marks two weeks since the beginning of the IV National Population and Housing Census for Indigenous Peoples in the Eastern and Western Region and urban areas of the capital and Central Region.

The census operation even targeted indigenous people who were away from their communities or families during the two weeks of the process. Otazú said that «a very positive experience» was developed in this sense.

To ensure greater reliability of the information collected, the cultural norms of each people were respected. The training plan, the manuals for supervisors and census takers, as well as the census instruments used, were adapted and translated into 12 indigenous languages. 

INE said through its official Twitter account, «The IV National Population and Housing Census of Indigenous Peoples 2022 allows showing the ethnic and linguistic diversity of the indigenous peoples of Paraguay, through the

dissemination of their culture and ancestral knowledge.»

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