Pioneer in Revolutionary Financing for Decades, Hudson & Hudson Re-Pledges to Besieged Death Care Industry

SAUSALITO, Calif., Nov. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Hudson and Hudson of San Francisco, a private financial consulting group since 1989, gained…

SAUSALITO, Calif., Nov. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Hudson and Hudson of San Francisco, a private financial consulting group since 1989, gained fame through both its business and individual survival advice, especially in times of economic challenge.

The Wall Street Journal touted Hudson as the inventor of «legal fee financing» seven months in advance of the troubling 1994 Crime Bill that left thousands without proper legal recourse. (

Hudson’s financing/acquisition know-how and its market prediction analytics, helped many meet the 80’s/90’s Savings and Loan and post-2008 market crises.

Now, the Hudson group, already having assisted funeral home owners, directors, bookkeepers and CPAs, as well as attorneys for decades—re-pledges its services to meet the current Death Care Industry crisis.  

Sensitive to Pandemic Burdens on Funeral Services Providers

Hudsons firm has previously secured 20 year commercial loans totaling over 273 million dollars, often saving clients 2-3 points.

Hudson’s services supplement and often replace non-forgivable loan programs through the SBAs heavily conditioned PPP assistance financing. On average, client data reflects a 2-3% average savings on most commercial loans from below $100K up to $10 million. Borrowers also forego brokers fees.

When asked about Hudson and Hudson services during an October 2020 Survey Mailer to Owners & CPAs in the Funeral Home Sector, responses included:

  • «$473,000 commercial loan savings, despite doubts from our CPA»
  • «We still own our Home because of Hudson. 3% interest cut!»
  • «Rare access to regional and national bankspreferred terms»
  • «Hudson’s restructuring advice now positions us to expand.»
  • «Unique math analysis and macro/micro assessments kept us afloat!»

Debt restructuring for funeral home operations, coordinated through the Hudson group during COVID, saves funeral home clients $15,000 per $100K borrowed or $150,000 (per a million) for every 1% it negotiates as an interest rate drop.

Frequently, the Hudson group has persuaded lenders to cut 2-3% off current debt interest, well beyond teaser rate promises.

 Mr. Hudson recently quipped that his services are «a vaccine as it were for the virus of spiraling debt.»

For debt or acquisition analysis and care, please contact: 

John Lee Hudson

Darrell Costa


164 Spencer Ave., Sausalito, CA 94965

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